Sunday, May 14, 2006

project headset winder

ever get your handsfree cell phone headset all tangled up in your bag or your pocket or your glove compartment? i do. and i can’t make meets end between the ear piece, or the plug in piece, and when i finally figure it out, i’ve gotten a cord that’s full of knots and only half the length it should be! if only i can wind this cord into a small compartment to store neatly away. eureka!

make a winder out of a 35mm film container and a bic pen. the black soft container is easy to work with. drill a hole at the top, and two on the sides, then, with a regular scissor, cut down from the top to the holes on the side. this is where the wire will thread through. screw in a screw (about ¾” long) through the base to act as a pivot. cut to length the end of your bic pen and drill a hole through the middle. again, cut lengthwise down to the hole to allow the wire to feed through (this part may be difficult, i used a little dremel). once all done, feed the wire through the pen, then the container, then insert the pen into the pivot and close the cap. wind like you’ve never wound before!

small, lightweight, and, uh…, free? to unwind, simply hold at both ends and pull. i wish i can come up with some spring loaded pivot to automatically reel it back in, but for now, i’m content to just wind it back myself.

i always know where it is, and where it is is always tangled free! i give it 4 bars on full reception and battery!
project headset winder: pass!


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Brian said...

OK, it's a cool idea, and it looks like a good execution. But it's the most geeky project ever!


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