Thursday, May 04, 2006

project light sculpture

i wanted a modern looking design for a light sculpture by my bedside. i just sketched something up on cadd and ended up with something like this.
the intent was to simply make it out of regular "off the shelf" timber from Home Depot or the like. The main post is a regular "mail box" 4"x4" post, whereas the bays would just be 3/4" ply.

It's a little Frank Lloyd Wright, and a little Calatrava I suppose, not that I'm claiming I intended on doing anything like it. On each board, i wanted something linear engraved on them, perhaps like a groove linear design or something. Wright would totally do something like that! And Calatrava would just kick this whole thing over and tilt it 45 degrees, precariously holding it back with nearly invisible thin wires.

the idea was to somehow run the electrical wire up in the main post, and feeding them out to each bay. how i was to drill a long tunneled hole up the entire length of the post was a challenge. i definitely didn't want to section up the post at all, that would just not look nice to me, unless i spent alot of time and effort to putty each joint to making it look seamless! on the underside of each bay is where the light will be installed. the thinner the light, the better! it'll cast a soft and subtle light to the bay below it, which may shelve photo frames, or other things worth displaying....maybe even an alarm clock for all that matters. then, i wanted something like a step switch, where you just step with your feet to turn it on/off.

project light sculpture: pending!


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