Monday, June 26, 2006

project light sculpture

objective: refer to may 4, 06 posting!

wah! i had thought of something just like this! they beat me to it, and a very nice job indeed. i was in the tribeca grand hotel waiting to go into their club when, at the corner of my eye, noticed this nice light sculpture glowing at me! never mind the hot chicks checking me out (why you laugh?), but i was too busy checking out this light sculpture. c’mon, i had wanted to do something just like this! this one had thin platforms along with boxed in lights projecting out from a main stem. this is so much nicer, and perhaps more easy to build, than the one i had imagined up.

challenges/procedure: n/a

i noticed the low wattage lights in each box gave a very subtle glow to each platform.

i'm so jealous! this is awesome!


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