Monday, August 14, 2006

project handlebar camera mount

the conceptual idea came to me when i first did the new york bike tour in ’02. imagine, thousands of other bikers approximately 3’ all around you. funny things seem to happen when you ride with one hand….
trying to take a picture of joe davis while on the queensboro bridge who seems to be panning in and out of my viewfinder…avoiding mister ‘cut-me-off’…impulsively and instinctively squeezing the left hand brakes to avoid mister ‘cut me off’...quickly realizing left hand brakes ‘equals’ front wheel stoppage...flying over the handle bars with camera still in hand…hitting the pavement and seeing parts of the camera dissembling and scattering elsewhere….
*end flashback*
so, yea, the conceptual idea came to me when i first did the new york bike tour in ’02.

i had intended on making the mount out of a water bottle cap or the like, then strapping it down to the handlebars, but this was just a preliminary conceptual test. while on a trip in acadia national park, i had my travel size tripod (easily purchased for around $10). duct tape this to the handlebars and you’re set. can’t beat that for simplicity.

i can take photos and videos while riding. i set the self-timer on for 10 seconds, then steer my handlebars to the object of interest. the ball joint of this tripod makes redirecting the camera’s position quick and easy.

i’m no longer the fall guy. now that's picture perfect.
project handlebar camera mount: pass!

check out jennie speeding down the hill


At 9:15 PM, Anonymous TuBuGuRL said...

get the ultrapod..then no duct tape needed!

At 9:29 PM, Blogger woofboy111 said...

I'm making myself one of these on my bike! I might try using zip ties instead of duct tape to attach the tripod to the handlebars though. Added safety. It would really help keeping the camera still when I'm biking up a steep hill and trying to take a video at the same time...


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