Wednesday, September 27, 2006

project chopstick capo

it was jam session with tubugurl, and i didn’t have a capo for my guitar. i had to hit 2 steps up, and as an amateur guitarist, i thought it was brilliant to simply tune every strings 2 steps up. well, guess what? that last "E" string simply snapped! well, luckily we had another set of strings to replace. and this time, i wasn’t about to snap the strings again. so i decided to make a capo!

who said take-out food is bad for you? well, it probably is, but the good thing are those disposable chopsticks! combine that up with some rubberbands and you’re good to go! break the chopstick in half, bar them across your fret, and tie them down at their ends with rubberbands! simple is as simple goes. now if only learning the guitar was as simple.

well, it’s disposable. it got us thru jam session that one late night when any guitar stores wouldn’t be open.

chopstick capo picked the right strings, and they sure weren’t noodles!
project chopstick capo: pass!

photos originally uploaded by tubugurl


At 9:18 PM, Anonymous TuBuGuRL said...

every time i tune now, i cringe for fear of the *SNAP*..followed by the *OW* and then the...*shaking head*...'doooood'. i 2nd the success of project chopstick capo!


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