Thursday, April 05, 2007

project guitar hook

it was a gift for tubugurl who needed to make some room in her apartment by hanging up her guitars. not until recently, when she purchased a new acoustic guitar, did i get the push to finally complete this simple project.

last summer, while all of us were camping at the delaware water gap, i found this nice big wooden stick useful for stirring up the fire, and later on, a good roof support for my car to carry some extra baggage. the stick was a memento piece sitting pretty in the corner of my hallway since then. until recently, i chopped a piece of it into two halves, and made it into the base for these guitar hooks. using my good saw table, i sliced lengthwise a 4” piece of the wood, then screwed in a garage hook purchased from home depot for about $0.60 each. screws with anchors rated for 200 lbs vertical, and 150 lbs pull out would complete the assembly.

it's a nice au natural look. it's also a nice conversation piece, "that wood came from the campgrounds where wiL made a fool of himself dancing like an Indian"

tubugurl was hooked on the hooks.

project guitar hook: pass!


At 2:20 PM, Anonymous TuBuGuRL said...

hookity hook hook hook! *hook dance*


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