Monday, January 12, 2009

Project Fridge Top Sliding Tray

we have an extremely small kitchen, thus, every storage space is crucial. but the use of the cupboards above the fridge is often a nuisance to access because of all the clutter on top of the fridge. we'd have to be shift or remove cereal boxes to simply open the cupboard door. of course a sliding door for this cupboard would've been ideal, but apparently the engineer behind this show wasn't the brightest of the bunch (uhh...that was me). so, instead of a sliding door, how about a sliding tray that all the cereal boxes can sit on instead! cereals can slide, doors can swing! it'll be a jazzin' world.

purchase two cabinet sliding rails from homedepot for about $6.50 each. screw them on plywood 'footing', then place another wood plank 'tray' on top, and screw that to the rails. uhh....that's pretty much it.
i didn't want to screw anything down to the fridge...but it didn't take long to come up with the solution of "wedging" this assembly in place, as further described in the next section.
using two wood blocks, i wedged them into place at the back end of the plywood footings against the underside of the cupboard. this definitely gave everything a snug fit, and best of all, this whole assembly is removable in a cinch!
all "top fridge" clutter slides out of the range of the swinging cupboard doors. now we can finally easily get to that coffee maker that we never use!
project 'fridge top sliding tray' : PASS!


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